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Kháng Facebook gửi Broadcast

Khi bạn gửi quá nhiều broadcast tới khách hàng và bị facebook khóa thì dưới đây mình hướng dẫn bạn
cách kháng nếu lỡ vi phạm:#

Vào Cài đặt page > Hộp thư hỗ trợ về Trang

Nội dung kháng như sau:

Hi Facebook Team,

I will use bot to interact automatically with my customers, and promise to follow all of the Platform’s Policies in order to to ensure a good experience for my clients. I think my non-promotional message can help my customers easily search and access the necessary information from my business.

I will send interactive messages to my customers during lunch breaks, and their spare time. Because of that, I think it will not bother to them at all.

Customers’ interactions of my page are increasing, so that I want to interact with all of them, giving them good experiences. After 24 hours from the last interaction between page and customers, I will not send any message to the customer after 24 hours since our last interaction.

I promise that from now on, I will not send advertising, promotions, discounts to customers, and will comply to the Platform’s Policies from Facebook.

Thank you!

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